Thanks for stopping by my blog. You’ll find information about diverse topics, as well as links to my YouTube channel, with background on the videos. My blog features

  • More on the Berona’s Quest series. Come visit the Girl of Fire’s world and learn about the forces that create her destiny. Visit with your favorite characters. Learn about the philosophy that shaped the Mannites.
  • The schedule of the New Books Network in Fantasy and Adventure channel
    podcast, which I love to host. I chat with some of the biggest names in fantasy, like R.F. Kuang and Madeline Miller, as well as discovering great new writers.
  • Discussion and comparison of how various novels, mostly fantasy, deal with writing issues such as voice, and dialogue.
  • Various and sundry other topics. I care about ecology, politics, the environment, and gender roles. I’m your typical latte-sipping East Coast liberal—except that I make my own herbal blend teas and live in Eastern Switzerland, instead of a concrete canyon.
  • Scroll down on my general blog to find entries on the background of the Falcon series. There’s information about Europe in the 1950s, including the forgotten IRA campaign that came before the Troubles, and an impression of post-war Munich. Our 11-day trek to Annapurna in Nepal, which is featured in The Falcon Soars, is also highlighted.
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