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I’m an eccentric fantasy writer, nine parts plausibility to one-part fantasy. A scientist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine by training, I’m impressed more by plot-driven narratives such as Elizabeth George’s detective novels than by the feel-good predictability of Harry Potter. Even as I crave a transcendental experience, I want to know how and why things work.
As I write this, in August of 2016, my fantasy trilogy is finished. Finished doesn’t mean ready to publish. This fall I will be doing some additional research for The Falcon Soars, as I travel to Nepal on a hiking adventure. Then I’ll return to The Falcon Strikes, to streamline and polish the narrative.
November is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) month, and this year I plan to power through a first draft of my dystopian police-buddy novel, Shangri-la Apocalypse, featuring Ivanka Trump as the president of the USA. How’s that for dystopian?